Panther Scramble Scholarship Winners
Panther Scramble Scholarship Winners 2008-2009

andrew fix

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My name is Andrew Fix. During my four years at Park I have worked hard to make my high school experience one that I will remember for the rest of my life, and I know I've done that. There was never a season during the year where I wasn't in a sport. I've played football, wrestled, and ran track each for 4 years, and lettered my freshman year. After being on these teams, and being a captain for all three of them, I've learned just how important team work really is, what it feels like to have everyone relying on you, and have been able to improve my leadership skills a lot. This has left me with one memory of Park that I will always remember; performing on the field, mat or track in front of hundreds of screaming fans, many of which are my close friends, is an impossible feeling to forget.

Besides my great time and success through sports, I have also pushed myself to be equally if not more successful in class. My grades have helped me to become a member of Park's National Honor Society, receive several academic scholarships, and have helped me to attain a 4.6 or so GPA as well as being ranked 3rd in my class. As proud as I am of this, I want to give a big thank you to all of my teachers that I have had who have helped and pushed me toward this accomplishment.

I will be attending Carroll University, majoring in Exercise Science/ Physical Therapy, plan to complete a 6 yr. Doctor of Physical Therapy program, as well as playing football and possibly running track.

I would also like to thank my parents for always being at my side to support me and trying their hardest never to miss an activity of mine, I love you; and also those who nominated and voted for me for this Panther Scramble scholarship, it really means a lot to me, Thank you.

Emily Clark

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My name is Emily Clark. I have been a starter on varsity soccer for all four years of high school and a captain my senior year. Freshmen year I was 1st Team All-Conference and 2nd Team All-County. Sophomore and Junior years I was a member of the All-State Team, 1st Team All-County, and 1st Team All-Conference for soccer. I have also played basketball all four years, varsity since sophomore year, and a captain my senior year. Senior year I was a member of the 2nd team all county for basketball.

I have been a member of the All Academic Team and have received High Academic Honors throughout my entire high school career. I have also participated in various clubs including: National Honor Society, Ambassador Club, Positive Impact, Diversity Circles, and soccer club, where I have completed many community service activities and had other fun experiences.

Next fall I will be taking everything I have learned at Park High School to the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities where I plan to major in chemistry. I would like to thank everyone that made this scholarship possible. It is very much appreciated.


Jessica Clarke

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My name is Jess Clarke. I have attended Park all four years. During my high school career I have ran Cross Country for 4 years, was co-captain for 2, won Most Spirited in 2006 and Senior Captain Award in 2008. I played basketball for 3 years, softball for 2 years, and ran track for 2 years.

Outside of athletics I was an active member of the Ambassador Club my sophomore through senior year and was a member of NHS my senior year. In these clubs I have participated with various volunteer work such as playing bingo with the elderly at the Lincoln Lutheran Nursing Home and Park's annual Book Fair.

I will be attending Concordia University Wisconsin-Mequon this fall and will participate and major in their Pharmacy program and go for my Ph.D in 6 years. I will also be minoring in Spanish.

I have learned and grew so much from all of my activities at Park and I would like to thank Coach Nyboe for nominating for this scholarship and everyone else who was involved. It is greatly appreciated.

Stacey Berkowitz

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Hi, my name is Stacey Berkowitz. I have attended Park High School for four years. I have participated and numerous activities. I’ve played Varsity Soccer for four years as a starting midfielder and was named as a captain my senior year. I also received the most improved honor as a freshman. I have run Varsity Cross Country for four years and I have been a two-year captain. I have received first and Second team All County and All Conference honors, Most Improved recipient and I am a two-year MVP. I participated in double sports in both the fall and the spring. Playing for Racine Soccer Club in the fall while running cross-country and running Varsity Track while playing Varsity Soccer.

When I wasn’t participating in Varsity athletics for school I coached for a children’s RASA soccer team, refereed for children’s soccer, Lifeguarded for Park gym classes, taught Spanish at Jefferson Lighthouse elementary school and was a teaching assistant for Mr. Maletis’s CDS art class.

In school I participated in many clubs and organizations. I was in Positive Impact for our years, Diversity Circles (facilitator), Ambassador’s Club, Student Government, Forensics, and National Honor Society Secretary. Through National Honor Society I have become a Book Fair Manager and Manager of our Nursing Home BINGO events.

Next year I will be attending Ohio State University. I will major in Biology with a minor in nutrition. I will hopefully be running or playing soccer. I would like to thank everyone who helped me through the last four years and a big thanks to everyone who made this scholarship happen.

Zach Just

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Hey there, my name is Zachary Just. My four years at Washington Park High School have been absolutely amazing. I have participated in cross country and track for all four years of high school. In fact, my senior year, I was co-captain of the cross country team. Also, I have competed in Forensics for three years and have qualified for the state competition in two out of those three years. While all of the activities have been challenging, they also have been a complete blast.

I will be continuing my strong studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Computer Engineering. I would like to thank all of my friends, teachers, and coaches who have made my life entertaining and helped prepare me for my new life ahead.